Protecting the Greatest Earth on Earth

Iowa is home to some of the world’s best farmland. Implementing 4R Plus practices will help safeguard and improve the health of Iowa soil and water, which is important to the long-term quality of life for Iowans and sustainability of farming.

On your farm:

➢ Improved soil health for higher yields

➢ Reduced runoff, erosion and compaction

➢ Better water infiltration for the crop during dry periods

➢ Increased soil capacity to store and recycle carbon

➢ Optimized 4R practices to meet crop nutrient needs and reduce losses

On your farm:

Near your farm:

Edge-of-field practices like wetlands and saturated buffers:

➢ Trap soil and nutrients

➢ Improve water quality

➢ Enhance wildlife habitat

Near your farm:

Beyond your farm:

4R Plus practices help retain water, soil and nutrients, resulting in:

➢ Improved water quality downstream

➢ Reduced flooding potential

➢ Decreased sediment and nutrient movement into ground and surface water

Beyond your farm: